Does your work day look like your race day?!

I’ve come to realize that my work day oddly resembles my races…

8:00: Time to fuel.

8:30: Gun goes off.

9:00: Holy cow, I’m going out way to fast. Getting way too much done this early. OK, reign it in…go check Facebook and Twitter.

10:00: Time to fuel

10:05: OK, need to pick up the pace again. Have to look like I worked today.

11:30: Man, I’m not going to be able to sustain this all day. Oh, look, someone posted a video on Facebook.

1:00: Finally time to fuel again, was getting light headed.

2:00: Amped for the afternoon, time to rock and roll!

3:00: A little sluggish, time to fuel again.

4:00: Holy hell, its only 4:00?! How much longer do I have???

4:55: YES!! The end is in sight! Sprint to get some work done so you look good!

5:00: I need a burger and a beer!


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