July 7th Week in Review

This was kind of an important week in my training.  It won’t make or break anything, but it meant something to me.  I was coming off a horrible week the previous week after being in Reno.  I’m heading out in a couple of days for a week in Grand Cayman for our anniversary with some awesome friends we haven’t seen in far too long.  I’m planning to get some runs in while I’m down there but definitely not at training level.  So this week was important from the standpoint of doing what needed to be done.  If nothing else, given how my training has gone the last month, to prove to myself I could still hit my scheduled workouts.  Results…meh, not quite up to par on a couple runs but overall a good week.  With my long run kicking some serious ass!

Monday:  Met with Charles from some serious squats.  Starting to add in the weight now.  Have gone from not even being able to do a squat unassisted to doing them with weights. I feel all manly!

Tuesday:  10.31 miles, 1:26:16, 8:21 pace  I was scheduled to run 12 miles today.  My schedule is really going to be an issue with these longer mid week runs.  Today I played around with it and divided up my schedule.  My plan was to do six in the morning and then another 6-8 in the afternoon.  Unfortunately it was a little on the warm side on the afternoon and I cut my run short.  HOT HOT HOT!  Even though I was a couple miles short of distance I was right on my scheduled pace, even with running outside and only relying on my mile splits.

Wednesday: Met with Charles again.  Plan was to do upper body lifting.  My shoulder felt a little off so we did…MORE SQUATS!

Thursday:  10 miles, 1:25:55, 8:35 pace  Thursday is normally a speed work day, which is done in the gym. But for some stupid reason my gym was closed for July 4th.  Since the weather was PERFECT I decided to take in the Sandy River for a relaxed, easy run to kick off the holiday.  I was scheduled for 12 miles but after all the leg work this week and my speed session on Friday I decided to cut it a couple miles short.  Still a great run.

Friday:  8.01 miles, 1:04:51, 8:05 pace  Speed work.  Has been a while since I’ve done a speed session.  It showed.  On the schedule was a 3 mile warm up, four 1 mile repeats at 6:35 pace and a 2 mile cool down.  Warm up went fine, maybe a little fast.  Ended up only doing three of the repeats and at 6:41 pace.  I slogged through a one mile cool down.  I really need to get back to my speed work.  Have really slacked off since I stopped running 5K’s.

Saturday:  Rest day

Sunday: 16 miles, 2:14:40, 8:25 pace  On Saturday we entertained friends at the house.  I stayed up a little late and partook in a little too much fun.  My running friends we kind of following along online and giving me a hard time about it, knowing what I was scheduled to run today.  When I woke up in the morning I had several messages waiting for me about whether I would, or even could, get in my run for the day.  You know me, love a challenge!  I pushed my run into the afternoon so I could fuel and then hit the treadmill at the gym.  Mission more than accomplished in my book!

Week totals: 44.34 miles, 6:11:42, 8:23 pace

We leave on Wednesday for Grand Cayman.  I plan to get in three to four runs of about 5 miles while I’m down there.  Just enough to keep me fresh without taking up too much of my time.  I’m sure I will have lots of pics to share!

Happy Running



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