June 9th Week in Review

My schedule got thrown off a little this week.  Ended up only doing three runs.  Between my birthday, an interview with Nike and my daughter’s graduation I just decided to do what I could, when I could.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 9 miles, 1:16:11, 8:28 pace.

Wednesday: Met with my trainer Charles at Advanced Results Fitness. An hour of core, squats and he had me start doing a little upper body lifting. I’m really enjoying my time with him. I’m always sore a few days later and having that set time twice a week keeps me committed.  Excited to see what happens over the coming months.

Thursday: 6.6 miles, 54:35, 8:16 pace. Thursday is normally speed work. But I just wasn’t feeling it when I woke up. I knew I was getting off early so thought I would just hit the gym after my interview with Nike.  By mid morning I didn’t feel like doing repeats and was in need of something fun. So decided I would do a “run for dinner” run. This is where I run to meet the family at our favorite restaurant. Depending on my route it is anywhere from 4-7 miles. It was a good run but was 84* when I left the house. Obviously not used to running in that temp. First four miles were great, last three directly into the sun not so much.

Friday: Missed workout. Since I ran Thursday night and I was getting off early again for my daughter’s graduation I figured I would hit the gym right after work for my scheduled 8 miles.  I got out of work a little late and realized that I wasn’t going to have time to get everything done. And with my scheduled 20 miler on Sunday I didn’t think the extra day’s rest would hurt.  Bagged the run and have no regrets.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 20.01 miles, 2:56:06, 8:47 pace. This was my first attempt at 20 miles. I will admit, I was a little nervous. If you recall last week’s long run, a scheduled 18 miles that ended up 16.5, you understand why. Everything that went wrong last week I corrected for…diet (for the most part) and sleep were the biggest issues. I was out the door by 6:00AM even though I wasn’t really feeling up to running…think I was suffering from a graduation cake hangover.  First 10 miles were rough. Never got into a groove.  After that I started feeling like myself. Strides started coming easier.  I ended up posting a negative split on the second 10 miles.  In fact, of my five fastest mile splits, the last three were all in there, with mile 20 being the fastest. I finished strong and felt I still had something left in the tank.  My target pace was 8:30 this week but I kept telling myself that I can’t run an 8:30 pace for 20 miles if I can’t run 20 miles.  Today was about finishing.  From now on I will KNOW I can run 20 miles and can focus more on pace.  Very satisfied with this run.

Weekly totals: 35.62 miles, 5:06:52, 8:37 pace

This coming week’s schedule is a little off as well.  I’m running the Vancouver USA Half Marathon next Sunday.  This is my last PR attempt for the half distance before focusing solely on the Portland Marathon.  I’m really wanting to go sub 1:35:00, even sub 1:30:00 if I’m having a REALLY good day.  So doing my scheduled 11 miles on Tuesday but Thursday will just be 10 miles and not the 10 with a 6 mile tempo in the middle.  And Friday, instead of doing my scheduled 10 miles, I’m doing the 5K shake out run with Bart Yasso in Vancouver.  Should be good and rested on Sunday.

I finally received my pictures from the Portland Rock n Roll Half so will be getting the review done up soon.

And don’t forget to sign up for the Hot Buns Run virtual 5K that is taking place in July. This is the big fundraiser I’m doing for Team in Training to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Lots of cool stuff to be given away and everyone gets a medal!


Happy Running



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